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    • Chicken Products made by Lithuanian Poultry Business Companies exported to 42 Countries 25.10.2017

      The production of Lithuanian poultry business companies is appealing not only in European and Scandinavian countries. At the beginning of this year, Lithuanian poultry business companies entered a new export market – Japan, to which the first shipment was dispatched in the summer. In October, poultry companies in Vilnius and Kaišiadorys belonging to the group of companies KG Group will dispatch the third shipment to this country.

    • SC Vilnius Poultry farm celebrates 50-year anniversary 23.10.2014

      Vilnius Poultry farm celebrates 50-year anniversary. Lithuanian leader in poultry since the start of production increased volume by 25 times, and in the last decade, sales revenue increased five times.

    • Lithuania‘s poultry farms will export products to Hong Kong directly 05.09.2014

      In the beginning of September, Lithuania’s poultry producers have received very good news. Lithuania’s and Hong Kong’s institutions completed veterinary certificate procedures coordination for chilled and frozen poultry products direct import into Hong Kong. It was announced by Lithuanian State Food and Veterinary Service.