About us

The poultry farms with long standing tradition – open limited liability company Vilniaus paukštynas and open limited liability company Kaisiadorys poultry farm – date back their history to the middle of the last century. The poultry farms are owned by Kauno Grūdai group of companies KG Group – some of the most modern, economically strongest and largest manufacturing associations in Lithuania. The concern manages the processes from grain production to serving poultry on the consumers' table.

The names of Vilnius and Kaisiadorys poultry farms are associated with the longest tradition, mature experience, high standards of labour, professionalism of employees and management, quality, and modernity of production technology.

The activities of poultry rearing and poultry processing is divided into the following businesses:

  •     Fresh meat business and semi-product business (production of hatching eggs, day-old chick hatching, rearing of broiler chickens, fresh chicken products, meat semi-products)
  •     Meat products and semi-fineshed products business (manufacture of products)
  •     Company owned retail store business (38 branded chicken shops throughout Lithuania)
  •     Animal by-products business

Activities of Vilnius and Kaisiadorys poultry farms are organised in accordance with the quality management and product safety standards: ISO 22000, and BRC food safety standard covering the British retail network consortium system. The international standards are applied in all stages of operation, from incubation to the development of final product and its delivery to sales outlets.

Poultry farms manage the entire production chain, which allows to deliver raw materials to all components of the business process chain. The companies have their own parent flocks where eggs are incubated in own hatcheries and provide chicken for the farms. Poultry farms and their subsidiaries have 175 chicken houses with the annual production of 46 million broilers.

Over a month, Vilnius and Kaisiadorys poultry farms sell 6,000 tonnes of poultry meat and its products, of which 47 percent are exported. 

Companies employ 2100 employees.