Further Processed Products and Marinated Products factory attested with the „Higher Level“ in IFS Food certification


Further Processed Products and Marinated Products factory obtained term „Higher Level” from IFS Food Standard certification audit, version 6. The phrase „Higher Level” corresponds to a score above 95% IFS certification, one of the highest food safety standards that certifies product quality under strict European legislation. 

KG Group new factory produces two types of products: various Ready-to-Eat and Ready-to-Cook products.
First group - Ready-to-Eat products consist of wide range of fully cooked and fried meat products:
• Reformed whole musle nuggets, burgers, popcorns, sticks, Cordon Bleus, etc.
• Roasted, fried or steamed cooked broiler parts.
• Fried or steam cooked stripes, cubes and pulled meat.
Other part of products, produced in this plant - Ready-to-Cook products:
• Marinated, raw carcass parts: fillets, fillet strips, inner fillets, thigh meat, thighs, drumsticks, drumsticks without joint, prime and middle wing parts;
• Minced, structural, formed chicken meat from fillets and thigh meat.

IFS Food, International Food Standard, has been developed by the German, French, Italy Association of Retailers. IFS is one of the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) recognized food safety standards, a rigorous BRC (British Food Consortium's Universal Food Safety Standard). IFS Food version 6 gives more weight to quality criteria in addition to food safety criteria. It also covers the ‘packaging’ issue and the risk of contamination of food by packaging. IFS standard ensures that the company can manage risks at all stages of the food production process, is able to produce a safe and quality product.

IFS standardisation is used by food manufacturers around the world and is asked by the larget international retail chains.

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