KG Group Opened one of the most Modern Broiler Breeder Complex in Europe


The poultry business is one of the business directions being developed by the group of companies KG Group. To strengthen this area, the construction of a Broiler Breeder Complex, the most modern of its kind in the Baltic States and one of the most modern in Europe, was completed this year. During the implementation of the project, which lasted almost a year, five poultry houses with state-of-the-art breeding equipment and an administration-production unit were built, designed not only for personnel but also for further process and to ensure biosafety. The amount of investment in this complex has reached almost 5 million euro.

According to the head of group of companies KG Group owning poultry business companies in Vilnius and Kaišiadorys Tautvydas Barštys, companies of the group control the entire production chain “from field to table”, therefore, poultry companies breed not only broilers but also have their own parent stocks: hens and roosters.

“The plan is to collect approx 10 m eggs on average in the new Jačiūnai stock bird unit per year, which then will be transferred to a hatchery in Kaišiadorys poultry business company, – T. Barštys tells, – This breeder complex is designed and built according to the latest breeding standards. The project was prepared and implemented in accordance with recommendations of parent stock breeders as well as the good practice and production methods of the member states of the European Union.”

According to the head, the new complex does not have analogue in EU as most of building engineering and breeding technology solutions were implemented in compliance with the highest technological standards. In addition, the most advanced manufacturers supplying the equipment to bird breeders were selected in implementing this project, thus, best solutions were installed under one roof. The representatives of equipment manufacturers participated during the entire project. Both the building and engineering and breeding systems (feeding, watering, ventilation, egg collection, etc.) are fully automated and all breeding processes are regularly monitored with the help of video surveillance cameras.

“Bird breeding is the foundation, therefore, high bird breeding standards, strictest biological safety measures and modern technologies enable to ensure the highest quality present in the entire production chain: from parent flocks to broiler breeding, and later – in poultry processing and production of final product, – Gytis Kauzonas, the CEO KG Group poultry business, argues, – these and similar bird breeder complexes in companies contribute to the implementation of the highest level bird breeding standards and quality control and management. Our goal is to make our company one of the most advanced and modern companies not only in the Baltic region but also in the entire Europe. We constantly invest in production technologies, and bird breeding units are not exception.”

6 employees were employed in Jačiūnai unit, all local residents.

The mayor of Kaišiadorys district municipality Vytenis Tomkus who participated in the opening of the new complex emphasized the advantages of business development:

“We are pleased that the largest company Kaišiadorių paukštynas operating in the district invests into development andmodern technologies, creates new workplaces and opens the second modern stock bird breeder complex within two years. Due to favourable geographical location and traditions, Kaišiadorys district is a convenient location for the development of poultry business, and we would like to wish them to never stop, continue investing into innovative solutions and to remain the leaders in our district and poultry business,” Vytenis Tomkus told.

Conresta, one of the largest general contracting and construction companies in Lithuania, implemented stock bird breeder complex project.

“We have collaborated with group of companies Kauno Grūdai previously and are pleased that we share the same attitude towards work planning, optimization and advanced methods used in construction processes. This modern stock bird breeding complex complying with the latest European standards is the result of smooth collaboration,” – Mr L. Laukaitis told.

In the new Jačiūnai complex, as in other stock bird breeding units, hens and roosters are raised as free-range on a litter.

Poultry business companies in Vilnius and Kaišiadorys belonging to KG Group produced approx. 100 thousand tons of various chicken products per year. Approx. 50 per cent of the production is exported. Chicken products made in the poultry business companies are appreciated in Western European, Scandinavian countries and neighbour Baltic States. Products of the largest Lithuanian poultry company reaches even Japan, Hong Kong and some African countries. The plan is to invest 16 m EUR to KG Group poultry business in 2017.

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