SC Vilnius Poultry farm celebrates 50-year anniversary


Vilnius Poultry farm celebrates 50-year anniversary. Lithuanian leader in poultry since the start of production increased volume by 25 times, and in the last decade, sales revenue increased five times. SC Vilnius Poultry farm started it’s activity in 1964. Lithuania does not have a lot of companies that have survived since Soviet Union Era. In 1997 SC Vilnius Poultry farm decided to mergewith leading group KG Group which opened great opportunities for the company to develop further. Today, the company has more than 1,200 employees throughout Lithuania. Every year, sales revenue increases about 15-20 percent.

In 2013 sales revenue was 17 percent, which was higher compared to 2012. SC Vilnius Poultry farm with rapid increasing in sales revenue have reached 321 million Litas. During 2014, in three quarters company reached 264 million Litas. That’s 10 percent higher than in 2013 during the same period. "The first bird-growing company, then called Vilnius Poultry factory was one of the most famous in the former Soviet Union - on the company's history - tells Chairman of the Board of KG Group Mr. Tautvydas Barstys - In the first year of production, company produced about 2,000 tons of chicken. In the 50 year period, there were many changes.

Now company produces 22.6 million broiler chickens yearly, comparing to 1.4 in the beginning. That is just one product of many. In 90’s poultry farm production amounted to about 7,000 tons of tons per year. “Well, today this company produces almost ten times more - about 50 thousand tons of all kind of chicken products per year. The product range consists of 280 different chicken products. 40 years ago, SC Vilnius Poultry farm had only 5 products that were sold frozen, "- says Mr. Tautvydas Barštys.

In recent years the company has grown in sales and exports: statistically one fifth annually. Company's products are valued not only in the local market, but also abroad. Products are exported to Western Europe and the Scandinavian countries, Byelorussia and the Baltic countries. Products also are exported and sold in Vietnam, Hong Kong, Greenland and the island of Réunion in the Indian Ocean and the Polynesian islands.

The company complies with international standard "BRC Global Standard for Food Safety” requirements and are also certified supplier of fresh chilled chicken to restaurant chain KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) in Europe. SC Kauno Grudai together with SC Vilnius Poultry farm and SC Kaišiadorių Poultry farm are one of the most modern and economically strongest industrial associations in Lithuania - a group of companies KG Group.

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