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About KG Group


KG Group is one of the largest, most modern and economically strongest manufacturing associations in Lithuania. The company group, now more than 120 years in existence, comprises Kauno Grūdai AB, Vilnius and Kaišiadorys poultry farms, and subsidiaries.

3,900 employees 

10 integrated businesses 

20 companies in Lithuania and abroad 

Our activity

KG Group’s activity is divided into cereal and poultry sectors. These sectors develop separate integrated businesses that supplement each other and collectively form the farm-to-table production chain. This chain ensures the traceability and control of every manufacturing process, which helps us guarantee the high quality of our products and services.


Crop production: buying-in of cereals from Lithuanian farmers, expert consultations, and other complex services covering storage and drying, etc. of cereals 

Trade in raw materials: we represent the largest manufacturers of raw materials from the European Union, Eastern Europe and Asia. Raw materials for manufacturers of feeds and premixes, and for breeders of birds, bovine animals and pigs

Combined feeds and premixes: we produce products of various recipes for birds, bovine animals and other animal groups

Veterinary pharmacy: we pursue wholesale and retail trade of veterinary preparations for all animal groups

Extruded products: production and trade of pet food 

Pest control: preventive and intervention measures to ensure that pests do not endanger the quality of the raw materials or products produced 

Hygiene products: we sell chemical products for professional use and daily cleaning of utility rooms

Flour and its products: we grind grain in our own mill and produce flour and its products

Instant products: we are the only ones in the Baltic states that have their own factories of instant products. We produce porridges and noodles in cartons

Poultry-rearing: rearing of chickens for fattening, production of chicken and its products  


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