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KG GROUP plans: more efficient and environmentally friendly poultry processing line

Taking into consideration the growing demand of poultry production, the group of companies KG Group is planning to increase their meat production capacity. Plans of the group managing poultry farms in Vilnius and Kaišiadorys include installation of a new poultry processing line in 2020-2021.

“As we have already publicly announced, we are rapidly going towards transformation: renewing old production facilities, investing in new equipment, introducing modern technologies. We have observed growing volumes of poultry consumption both in Lithuanian and in foreign markets. Besides, he hope that thanks to the contribution of all Lithuanian responsible authorities, Lithuania will be entitled to export its poultry production to China, South Korea, Republic of South Africa and Canada. Demand for poultry is projected to increase. Therefore, one of our strategic aims – to increase production capacity,” says Darius Gudačiauskas, Managing Director of KG Group's Poultry Business.

Currently the major part – 80% of broilers required for production are raised by Vilnius and Kaišiadorys' poultry farms at their own poultry houses. The remaining part is bought from the Lithuanian farmers. “The number of broilers is going to increase as we are planning to develop poultry houses ourselves, also there is a growing number of farmers who raise broilers and wish to process them in our factories. We need higher broiler processing capacity; therefore we are planning to install a new poultry processing line in 2020-2021,” tells D. Gudačiauskas.

Meat processing line is intended in the territory of Vilniaus paukštynas, AB in Rudamina, Vilnius district. The new line of slaughtering, cutting and packaging will allow to process 2.5 times more poultry production per hour. The group of companies has calculated that the total capacity of poultry farms in Vilnius and Kaišiadorys will have the maximum increase from 46 mln. to 70 mln. broilers per year, that is 52 percent.

New equipment will be not only more efficient but more environmentally friendly as well. Biosafety measures, which shall allow to control and reduce environmental pollution, are intended for implementation. We are planning that poultry processing will use less water and the risk of air pollution shall be under control.

Total amount of investments in the installation of meat processing line may reach 20 mln. EUR. We are planning to create up to 300 new jobs.

A unique production chain, which allows to ensure the excellent quality of poultry from field to table, is particularly appreciated by out Lithuanian and foreign clients. Therefore, Poultry Business of KG Group is about to pay particular attention to the development of its own farming and shall keep purchasing the remaining part of poultry from reliable Lithuanian farms. Currently Vilnius and Kaišiadorys' poultry farms manage around 400 thousand square metres of poultry houses located in various places of Lithuania. In the purchase of broilers, KG Group is cooperating with 20 farmers of Lithuania.

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